P!NK Stops Concert After A Fan Going Into Labor in the Audience

todayFebruary 11, 2024

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During her recent concert in Sydney as part of her Summer Carnival tour at Allianz Stadium, P!NK encountered an unexpected moment. Amidst her performance of the track “Our Song,” a fan in the audience went into labor. Upon noticing the commotion and being informed by other fans, P!NK paused her performance.

“Is it Alicia or Alex being born right now?” P!NK humorously quipped into the microphone, rushing to the edge of the stage to get a glimpse of the situation in the crowd. “I feel like we’re all… We shouldn’t be looking! Everyone give her privacy!” She continued with playful curiosity, “She didn’t just have the baby right? Is the baby here? No, okay!”

Amidst cheers from the stadium crowd, P!NK extended her congratulations to the fan. “Wow. ‘Our Song,’ huh? That was the one that did it. Wouldn’t have called that one. Thought it would’ve been like ‘Get the Party Started’ or ‘Never Gonna Dance Again,'” she joked as she returned to the stage to resume her performance.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the initial occurrence of a fan going into labor during a P!NK concert. In a previous instance last year, P!NK enthusiast Angela Mercer had to depart from the singer’s performance at Fenway Park in Boston when she started experiencing contractions. She promptly contacted her doctor, who recommended heading to the hospital.

As per a statement on Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Facebook page, Mercer and her family opted to walk to the hospital due to the congested concert traffic. Fortunately, the hospital was merely about a mile away from Fenway.

Written by: MJ