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Dua Lipa’s Latest Music Video: A Major Clue About Her Next Album Revealed!

todayJuly 20, 2023

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In her Barbie: The Album track, Dua Lipa drops a major clue about her next musical chapter. The executive producer of the Barbie soundtrack, Mark Ronson, revealed that a pivotal moment in Lipa’s disco-themed “Dance The Night” music video indicates a departure from the nu-disco sound that defined her hugely successful Future Nostalgia era. In a recent interview with Vulture, Ronson expressed his awe at Dua’s upcoming album, stating, “I mean, I’ve heard some of it and it’s incredible.” He pointed out that the symbolic disco ball smash in the video signifies Dua Lipa’s triumphant move away from that era of her music, paving the way for what lies ahead. Fans can anticipate an exciting and fresh direction as Dua Lipa ventures into her next musical journey!

While there is still much mystery surrounding Dua Lipa’s upcoming album following the success of Future Nostalgia, the pop sensation has offered some insights into its progress. Last year, during a conversation with her “Cold Heart” collaborator Sir Elton John, Lipa mentioned that the album was already halfway complete. However, as work continued, she revealed that it has taken a fascinating new direction, and she’s excited about the emerging cohesiveness.

Looking ahead, Lipa intends to dedicate the early months of the new year to continue writing and exploring new creative territories. While still firmly rooted in pop, she teased that the album will possess a distinct sonic evolution and will carry a more pronounced lyrical theme. Lipa hinted that if she divulged the title, everything would fall into place, but she prefers to leave fans in suspense for now.

Since making her debut in 2013, the talented English-Albanian singer has already released two successful studio albums: “Dua Lipa” in 2017 and “Future Nostalgia” in 2020. As anticipation grows, fans eagerly await the next chapter in her musical journey.

Written by: Zain Taylor