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Ryan Gosling Extends Fashion Apology to BTS’ Jimin in ‘Barbie’ Style Coincidence

todayJuly 20, 2023

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As the release of the movie “Barbie” approaches, Ryan Gosling, who portrays Ken in the film, felt the need to address a peculiar fashion coincidence involving BTS member Jimin. Taking to the movie’s official Twitter account on July 19th, Gosling shared a video in which he personally apologizes to Jimin. In the video, Gosling expresses his realization that Jimin’s “Permission To Dance” outfit happens to be the same as Ken’s attire in a scene of the upcoming movie. Displaying good sportsmanship, he acknowledges that Jimin donned the outfit first and wore it best. In light of the “unspoken Ken Code,” Gosling humorously reveals that if one Ken bites another Ken’s style, they must offer their most cherished possession as reparation. To make amends, Gosling offers Jimin a black acoustic guitar with a special touch – an image of a white horse and his character’s name, Ken, on it. This humble gesture aims to extend his apologies for the unexpected fashion twinning and showcase mutual admiration between the two stars.

Continuing his heartfelt message, Gosling humorously added, “And let’s be honest, Ken doesn’t really play the guitar anyway, so it’ll definitely be in much better hands with you.” The devoted BTS ARMY flooded the comments section with excitement, expressing their admiration for Gosling’s thoughtful gesture towards the BTS member.

The unexpected interaction even fueled speculation among fans, with some wondering if BTS could possibly make a surprise appearance on the star-studded “Barbie: The Album.” Although the full tracklist was unveiled last week, eager fans are still holding onto hope until the soundtrack’s official release, along with the movie, tomorrow!

In the meantime, let’s relish the joyful moments in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video below!

Written by: Zain Taylor