Sabrina Carpenter Seeks Retribution in Gruesome ‘Feather’ Music Video

todayNovember 1, 2023

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Sabrina Carpenter Unveils Spooky ‘Feather’ Music Video Just in Time for Halloween! In the early hours of Tuesday, October 31, the pop sensation released a new music video for her track “Feather,” included as a bonus on the deluxe edition of her fifth studio album, “Emails I Can’t Send.”

The video maintains a cute yet eerie vibe as Carpenter dances around a pink hearse in a black dress. She proceeds to enter a church, where she attends the funerals of men who have wronged her. Throughout the video, Carpenter innocently sings along to her song while men harass her on the street, in the gym, and in an elevator, meeting grisly fates. In a particularly memorable scene, a group of men in the gym engage in a deadly brawl over Carpenter’s affections, resulting in blood splatters adorning the singer. The video bears a striking resemblance to Emma Seligman’s “Bottoms” (2023).

In the coming month, Carpenter is set to embark on the international leg of the highly acclaimed Eras Tour, joining Taylor Swift on the road. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone at Lollapalooza, Carpenter faced the challenging task of naming her top three favorite Taylor Swift albums. This was no easy feat for the dedicated Swiftie that Carpenter is. Starting with a humorous exclamation of surprise at the question, Carpenter proceeded to share her choices, saying, “In the present moment, I’d have to pick 1989 as a very special one for me. I’d also go with Midnights and, of course, Folklore.”

Written by: MJ