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Dua Lipa Provides Fans with a Sneak Peek of Her Upcoming Music

todayNovember 1, 2023

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Dua Lipa has treated her fans to an initial glimpse of her forthcoming musical era. The pop sensation has been tantalizing her followers with enigmatic posts for weeks, often posting and then deleting, only to follow up with something new. In contrast to her earlier posts, which consisted of photos, Dua’s latest update includes a video. In the video, she is seen capturing the same images she had previously shared and offers a brief snippet of what appears to be her first single for the upcoming album launch.

The teaser commences with a striking piano melody, as Dua Lipa’s voice enters, singing, “Tell me all the ways you need me.” The song gradually gains momentum before the video concludes. In the final frame of the video, a sequence of numbers appears — “4 8 9 9 14 15 21” — accompanied by the sound of a key securely locking in place. Dedicated fans have astutely deciphered that these numbers spell out “Houdini,” which is evidently the title of her first single. Furthermore, it’s been reported that she sent a text message to fans who had signed up for updates, featuring what are presumed to be lyrics from the song: “If you’re good enough, you’ll find a way. Love, 4-21-1.”

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the inception of Dua’s new musical era ever since she confirmed in an interview that her third studio album is slated for release sometime in 2024. Dua Lipa has shared that this record will have a distinct sound while staying true to her pop roots, to avoid causing her fans any anxiety, as she was quoted as saying. She also mentioned her intention not to “alienate” her fan base, but her new sound will veer away from disco and embrace the sounds of “1970s-era psychedelia.”

Written by: MJ