Luke Combs ‘Disgusted’ After Learning About About His Lawsuit Against Fan.

todayDecember 19, 2023

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Luke Combs is taking steps to rectify a situation after being made aware of a lawsuit initiated by his team against a Florida fan who was selling unauthorized merchandise featuring his image on Amazon. The country singer expressed being “completely shocked” upon learning from a local Florida news outlet, WFLA, about Nicol Harness, a resident being sued for $250,000 by Combs’ legal team for selling tumblers online. Combs revealed in a TikTok video that he had no prior knowledge of this situation.

Harness informed WFLA on Tuesday that after selling 18 tumblers featuring Luke Combs’ themes for $20 each, she found herself facing a $250,000 lawsuit. According to Harness, she received the lawsuit via email but missed it as it landed in her junk folder while she was hospitalized due to congestive heart failure. This situation caused her to miss the 21-day response period. Upon returning home from the hospital, Harness discovered that her Amazon account funds were frozen due to the lawsuit. She expressed her distress to WFLA, stating, “I don’t have money to pay my bills. I just want this resolved. I didn’t mean any harm to Luke Combs. I quit selling the tumbler. I pulled it down. I just don’t understand.”

Luke Combs took to TikTok on Wednesday, revealing that he was completely unaware of the lawsuit until seeing the news report. He expressed regret over the incident after speaking with Harness, acknowledging that the lawsuit filing was a mistake. Combs clarified that his team typically deals with large corporations operating internationally that manufacture counterfeit items and run illegal businesses. He expressed his dismay at Harness being unintentionally involved in such a situation, stating, “That makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.”

The Grammy-nominated artist expressed deep apologies to Harness, stating, “I am so apologetic that this happened, especially at the holidays. I can’t imagine being in her shoes.” Combs assured that he would financially support Harness, doubling the $5,500 frozen in her Amazon account to provide her with an $11,000 check, aiming to alleviate her concerns and difficulties.

Written by: MJ