FINNEAS shares insights into the ‘Challenging’ Nature of Billie Eilish’s Third Album

todayDecember 21, 2023

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Billie Eilish has been teasing fans about her upcoming album for over a year now. In a recent interview with Mr Porter, her brother FINNEAS revealed that the project is “85 per cent done.” He also discussed how this creative process has proven to be more “challenging” compared to their previous two albums.

“I think Billie was uncertain about how she truly felt regarding the themes we were exploring in our songwriting,” he elaborated. “Crafting something you deeply resonate with—it can be quite elusive.”

Additionally, FINNEAS confessed that his songwriting skills had become a bit rusty after extensive time on the road, touring with Eilish and pursuing his solo career. “That realization was daunting,” he admitted. “It was disheartening to discover that taking a break led to a decline in my songwriting abilities. I had to recondition myself.”

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas

Just days after Eilish hinted that the album was “almost done,” this update surfaced.

During the summer, she delved into how this creative process differed from previous ones.

“Everything about it is different,” she admitted regarding the music-making process. “I’ve been attempting to make comparisons lately just because I’m adapting to a new approach. I’m reassuring myself that it’s alright to do things differently. I’m still capable; I’m still able to do it.”

“And, you know, after touring for a year-and-a-half, coming back to this, being a bit older – not significantly, but the leap from 18 to 21 is quite substantial,” Eilish added. “Mentally, physically, and practically, it’s been an entirely different experience.”

The singer elaborated on the changes she noticed. “My presence in the room has shifted, and my voice has completely transformed since then…The change in my voice is surreal! It’s all quite surprising,” she remarked. “I’ve become a bit more adaptable, understanding that it’s just change, and I’m navigating through that. Embracing change is tough; overcoming the thought of ‘But I’ve been doing it this way for so long, and it worked so well!’ Well, that approach doesn’t work anymore.”

Written by: MJ