Lance Bass offers another update regarding a complete *NSYNC reunion

todayDecember 28, 2023

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The highly anticipated *NSYNC reunion, marked by their first song release in over two decades, ignited a massive pop-cultural moment, leaving fans eagerly anticipating a full-fledged comeback. Amid continuous inquiries since their reunion for a one-off song on the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, member Lance Bass has been addressing queries about a complete reunion.

In a recent appearance on the online game show Rent Free, Bass provided another update when questioned about the potential reunion. According to Page Six, he shared, “We are discussing it — and I’m optimistic about sharing some positive news, hopefully, at some point.” When asked if fans could expect this news by the beginning of the new year, Bass replied, “Please give us a bit more time than that!”

In November, Bass attributed the abrupt halt of *NSYNC’s reunion to the writers and actors strike. “We released a song after 23 years, yet we couldn’t discuss it or talk about the movie it’s featured in,” he lamented. “It was meant to be an incredibly special moment for us all, and regrettably, it got derailed.”

Despite the setback, Bass conveyed a message of hope to fans. “We had a blast, and I don’t view this as our final endeavor,” he expressed optimistically. “Due to the strike, I feel like we owe our fans another opportunity to make things right and create something more. However, until the strike concludes, we can’t plan our next steps or even determine if there will be any. Hopefully, once this resolves, we’ll have a blueprint in place to move forward.”

Written by: MJ