Britney Spears prefers not to hasten a reconciliation with her mother

todayDecember 29, 2023

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Britney Spears continues to navigate her relationship with her mother, Lynne Spears. As per a recent report from Us Weekly, Britney opted out of spending the holidays with her mother, but she remains optimistic about improving their bond.

“Britney acknowledges her mom’s desire for her to visit for Christmas, but she felt it wasn’t the right time,” a source shared with Us Weekly. “Britney is open to healing her relationship with Lynne but wishes for things to unfold naturally without pressure.” The insider highlighted Britney’s positive space, expressing her desire to sustain her connection with her mom. Yet, she intends to proceed cautiously with the reconciliation.

The source emphasized that Britney is “in a really good place” and keen on nurturing her relationship with her mother but prefers to approach the reunion at her own pace. Earlier this year, Britney and her mother reconciled in person for the first time following their public feud.

“She feels there’s no urgency to rush things,” the source emphasized. Earlier this month, a separate insider informed Us that the pop star “is genuinely pleased with the direction her relationship with her mom is taking,” expressing her willingness to “allocate time for celebrating the holidays alongside her mom and brother, Bryan Spears.”

Spears recently posted rare content featuring her brother Bryan. In November, the singer shared a photo of Bryan and penned a heartfelt caption about their bond. “My older brother, who’s like a father figure and my closest confidant!!” she expressed. “Not entirely sure about this outfit though 😂😂😂🧐🙄!!” she quipped, referencing his attire, which included a vivid green jumpsuit and a hard hat with a headlamp in the photo.

Written by: MJ